Kindertagesstätten Nordwest
Kindertagesstätten Nordwest Eigenbetrieb von Berlin


Kindertagesstätten Nordwest, Eigenbetrieb von Berlin

Who we are

We …

… are a non-denominational public provider.

… provide care and education to children from the age of 3 months right up to school-entry level from a variety of social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and for children with and without disabilities.

… look after almost 7,000 children at 63 daycare centres (Kitas) located in the Berlin districts of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Reinickendorf and Spandau with generously designed indoor and outdoor educational and play areas that exceed the requirements laid down by law.

… offer opening times suited to demand.

… offer half-day, semi-full and full-day places.

How we work

We …

… give positive encouragement to the children in our care as we oversee their learning development with a respectful and appreciative approach.

… promote self-sufficiency and an inquisitive approach to learning.

… pay attention to the children’s natural need to move around, working with them to design an attractive and stimulating environment to promote physical activity.

… encourage the children to develop their sense of self-confidence by treating them with respect and supporting them in their own endeavours.

… support the children in developing their own problem-solving strategies.

… actively observe the interests of the children and their individual development and tailor our educational activities accordingly.

… plan the settling-in phase for new children on the basis of their individual needs and extensive knowledge of development psychology and early-childhood education theory.

… systematically support the children’s linguistic development right from the start.

What we offer

We …

… fully implement the Berlin Educational Programme.

… only work with appropriately qualified staff.

… satisfy the legal staffing requirements. On top of that, we employ persons performing alternative national service in some Kitas where there are children with disabilities, and also people on job creation schemes for additional special tasks.

… provide trainee positions in our facilities.

… expect that our staff regularly attend further training courses so that they can systematically develop the quality of their work. Our own further-training centre and our painting and learning workshop support us in this.

… provide support for the children’s development with activities in the cultural, intercultural, sporting and musical fields, often in cooperation with clubs and societies and music and language schools.

… cook our own meals in more than three quarters of our Kitas, and additionally provide training for chefs.

We depend on your participation!